" Our plan will maximize the asset value of the entire United States, exceeding any government program ever developed . . . "


If Ohio is now known nationally as the 'Silicon Heartland', then Polymer Valley can be its crypto-capital and more. Let's compare: $20B Intel Chip Project = 1,000-acre open field in mid-Ohio vs. Polymer Valley = 1.9 million acres in northeast Ohio with over $10 billion in ready-assets and infrastructure (not including our massive natural resources and fresh water deposits), select-area schools and hospitals, plus a built-in strategic freight network with two major airports will serve our project-plans and our nation beautifully.

Polymer Valley as public-investment institutional catalyst for Bitcoin.

Crypto is entering a brand-new era in which it is an officially recognized $1 trillion asset class which Polymer Valley can more than readily accommodate.

1) The multi-asset variable needed to trigger Bitcoin's institutional adoption at the 'critical-mass' trillion-dollar level would need to be grounded in the best possible infrastructure-rich regional environment. > Answer : Polymer Valley - - the direct multi-asset public investment backing brand for Bitcoin.

2) The Polymer Valley map my company has held the URL rights for more than 20 years, revealed its dual-service potential as both Bitcoin's critical grounded-asset as well as ‘Proof-of-Stake’ operational base, utilizing our vast array of freight networks to both accelerate as well as service all Polymer Valley-led infrastructure project build-outs. > Answer : Polymer Valley

3)  The third and final stage solving the all-important Web 3.0 challenge of who, what, where, when, why and how it will all work together being our Genome Project hospital-research-adjunct plan (both Bitcoin and Blockchain coincidentally being the ‘DNA of online finance’) directly inside the extensive hospital network of Polymer Valley, as the future of public Trust resides in longer living and bio-technology.  > Answer : Polymer Valley

One of History's Greatest Challenges 
Has Been the Shortening of Distance and Time . . .

> Polymer Valley's compact 6-county area in NE Ohio precisely exponentially condenses the entire U.S. continental map from 3.8 MILLION sq. mi. into 3,034 'simpler' square miles, transforming our unique combination of highway, air, water and rail-freight network's fully optimized logistical-FUEL cost savings into the most efficient hyper-developmental investment zone in the United States.

Furthermore, Polymer Valley can provide a grounded-asset research environment for IoT investment, manufacturing and testing, plus our planned Unity Social Network and Central Internet Bank (doubling as a credit union for IoT workers of Polymer Valley and elsewhere), will further complement the largest, most transparent crypto-economic growth model in America.

> See Polymer Valley main site  here  for our geo-physical core plan.

Polymer Valley (6-county map-set historically recognized for decades by the state of Ohio) of 3,034 sq. mi. is comprised of six interlocking Ohio counties of Summit, Portage, Trumbull, Stark, Columbiana and Mahoning counties in NE Ohio is located directly between New York and Chicago.

 "Fact: Bitcoin will only go up if the demand for haven assets were to suddenly spike; that haven is Polymer Valley".
D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chair., Polymer Valley Media Corporation

Challenge / Solution # 1 : 

•    Bitcoin must demonstrate fully-scalable use-case for digital transfer of value through payments - - our plan being to strategically exploit and combine the highest concentration of crypto-worthy assets and resources within our six interlocking counties, a plan paralled-modeled after 
the proven success pattern of mature Chinese walls; i.e., keeping various financial services separate to prevent inherent conflicts of interest.

            Answer : Polymer Valley in NE Ohio, USA

Challenge / Solution  # 2 : 

•    The missing piece to the crypto-puzzle is the lack of a full 3-stage .com/.net/.org  'mega-platform' brand which can physically accommodate the maximum developmental market-cap potentials we offer directly-to-scale, all with maximum public transparency. 
Our combination map, natural resources, bank and modernized social network plan has the potential to transform everyone's phone via single-access address (, into a fully-consolidated investment, guidance, learning and testing center for innovation and more, complete with a powerful new social media center for the world.

Challenge / Solution # 3 : 

The third wave of crypto is who champions the highest-possible throughput and scalability . . .
  • Ethereum Merge will soon shift from Proof of Work to Proof of StakeLEADING TO THE RISE OF NEW POWER HOLDERS CALLED 'BUILDERS' - - 
Polymer Valley, the mega-regional Proof-of-Stake, Builder-Asset for all.

From Our 'Shortening of Distance and Time' to Our Triple Unicorn, "B.A.S.S. Project "
> Dividing something is not the same as expanding it; (a good currency needs to be “scarcely abundant” but Bitcoin is actually “abundantly scarce.") This 'Satoshi dilemma' can ONLY be solved (regulated) through a rarefied paradox of our  Polymer Valley asset-zone map directly interfaced with the public, thus the only way to balance the Bitcoin currency paradox is with the Polymer Valley asset paradox resulting in a fully grounded-asset solution for Bitcoin, Proof-of-Stake and WEB 3.0  Public Transparency.  

                       B.A.S.S. =  Bitcoin + Asset + Stake + Solution

> FACT : Even if Bitcoin's price was to surge and remain above $50,000, tens of billions of dollars more must be poured into the market. What matters most is where the unprecedented amount of capital comes from and how it enters the market; a new market structure must be defined - - 'what to do now' and 'what to invest in now' is vital. New market-structure real-time interoperability model = Polymer Valley. 

> Asset-backed cryptocurrencies are all set to bring about trillions of dollars of investment to the crypto market, but they remain independently far too diluted to turn the tide for mass public adoption at the necessary trillion-dollar asset-tipping point which Polymer Valley and Bitcoin can solve together.

What's at stake and how we can solve it : 

How can Polymer Valley protect against fraud and/or manipulation of the crypto-currency market ?

Since our Polymer Valley Science Park City plan would be directly tied to our real-estate asset value it would be physically incorruptible; the physical market potential itself would be a constant. Accordingly, we plan to develop our own economic theory based solely on the performance mathematics of Polymer Valley. Having our own built-in checks and balances, if a given project, product or idea could not work mathematically, it would simply not be considered. > THINK: legendary Java Runtime Environment   on a massive regional scale, each of our 6 counties could then serve as virtual 'class libraries' of data management and resource monitoring, establishing the highest-integrity FRAMEWORK possible, thus providing realtime investment tracking - -  Polymer Valley as multi-asset public investment brand for Bitcoin.

Polymer Valley’s profitability-per-square acre would set an International Standard of Productivity tied to actual real estate values in our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) # 181 within Polymer Valley’s 3,034 sq. mi. state-verified 6-county map set in northeast Ohio, U.S.A. - -  taking Digital Asset Insurance to a whole new level of security, whether financial or technological.

How? Basing our speculation on our real-world potential productivity, NOT imaginary or made-up productivity as many other crypto-causes proclaim; that is our market advantage. Crypto-analytics lack transparency making it that much harder to understand how much leverage is in the system, or to properly calculate cryptocurrency tax liability; our state-authenticated model can solve that.

Furthermore, Polymer Valley will have an interactive blockchain model (a center for manufacturing our IoT products) representing our official quarterly Polymer Valley Blockchain Event; i.e.,
 how the increased revenue of one county effects spending in another county, a measurement of potential spin-off economic benefit to surrounding communities; hence, we would build a speculation market that’s never been done before based on our exclusive super-regional, state-authenticated economic model. 

 > How Our USD / Bitcoin Plan Can Help Set  Both  Crypto Regulation and  Policy -

> NOTE: Our planned USD / Bitcoin performance-tracking comparitive, as part of the Polymer Valley Blockchain Event will be an invaluable financial-research component, as northeast Ohio has long been noted as the most unique test-bed center for products and services anywhere in America. THINK : Polymer Valley as potential 2-track USD /  Bitcoin super-regional competitive mix of products, inventions, breakthroughs and services, bringing real jobs and manufacturing back to America on an astounding new realtime level. 

Since the risk of attacks is still a constant for the new Proof of Stake - (as multiple chains can still exist at any given time), there arises a continuous need for a method to determine which will be the definitive Consensus Chain - - - us?  > Yes! But how ?
Our 'finishing-touch' answer we will disclose to only those investors most eager to work with us.

Q : Polymer Valley is positioned to solve ALL THREE major issues ?

A : POLYMER VALLEY IS THE GROUNDED SUPER-ASSET BOTH BITCOIN AND PROOF-OF-STAKE NEED - -  our Genome Project research-hospital assistance plan in our region ultimately answers the Web 3.0 question of who, what, where, when, why, and how it will all happen - - all in one super location: Polymer Valley.

Q : The regulatory element, the biggest hurdle for crypto, has yet to be solved in any significant shape or form. What is your position on that ?

A : The Polymer Valley 6-county area has long been know as northeast Ohio's test-bed center for products and services, and is the ideal setting for the most  advanced crypto-supervision, testing and policy, plus the massive amount of resulting potential job creation and top-talent recruitment will ensure proper scalability and governance with our market-leading USD / Bitcoin performance-tracking plan.

Our state-recognized Polymer Valley 6-county map set would allow policy-makers to  interface with Ohio officials to oversee our independent company reporting of formulas, plans, dividends and forecasts, all with the public transparancy that both Web 3.0 and  Wall Street seek, results possessing far greater accuracy when logistically SOLVED through us . - D.B. Keller, Polymer Valley Plan Creator and  " B.A.S.S.  Project "  Author

Polymer Valley's planned creation of a private network of 'Smartcounty' Research Villages (company towns) will vigorously complement each of the 6 county (approx. 500 sq. mi. per county) demographics (total area: 3,034 sq. mi.) as per the following :

    Summit County: Polymer Research Capital ( U of Akron )

    Portage County: The Genome Project ( Life Sciences )

    Trumbull County: Communications  ( Warren Hub )
    Stark County:  Agrotechnology ( Smart Farming )
    Columbiana County:  Waterways ( Marine Biology )
    Mahoning : Ai / Computer Science - ( Youngstown State ) 

Our extraordinary Blockchain Event will be an exclusive, fully-grounded real-world financial, mathematical formula incrementalizing our financial activity measured at light speed together with maximum investor transparency.

Did You Know?
The state of Ohio is already known for its progressive approach toward Blockchain; our new Senate Bill 220 places our state as the policy leader on Blockchain technology-use cases. 

In the words of George Gilder, co-founder of the Discovery Institute: "As you know, you need more than three layers on the network, you need a whole apparatus on top of the network layer. Bitcoin is a breakthrough in information theory that allows you, without reference to outside 3rd parties, to conduct provable time-stamped transactions that can’t be changed, can’t be faked and can’t be duplicated. Bitcoin is the currency the Internet deserves and needs." - G.G.

> Polymer Valley, ready to be the sustaining 'Golden Cross Pattern' Wall Street needs. - D.B.Keller

"I am proud to hold the direct URL keys and plan to a land-based crypto-asset laden brand-solution large enough to accommodate and publically super-scale internally decades into the future (at this point there simply is no 'second place'), wherein Polymer Valley can become the authoritative mass-migration USD / Bitcoin portal and blockchain, helping everyone, and America, grow, prosper, heal better through our hospital-assistance plan, and win for our country economically."  - D.B. Keller, Pres., Polymer Valley Media Corporation

> Invitation to Co-founders and Partners -
In light of such pressing timelines the crypto world is facing, I herewith invite and welcome open-acquisition offers to the complete URL domain-set of the Polymer Valley brand (.com, .net. and .org) as well as all plans and company links as presented here, to help fully-realize my complete Polymer Valley Science Park City plan for 2022 and beyond. UPDATE: My company also brings to the table a new art and style quotient for women (via fine-art collection which we also own) so they can celebrate The Merge through exclusively-dedicated new lifestyle fashion to explore and enjoy.

D.B. Keller, Pres. & "B.A.S.S. Project" Author
Polymer Valley Media Corporation
3867 W. Market St., # 245
Akron, OH 44333  USA

Reflecting: "A rising B.A.S.S. lifts all boats. 

" Our plan will maximize the asset value of the entire United States, exceeding any government program ever developed . . . "

                                                   > UPDATE:  If Ohio is now known nationally as the ' Silicon Heartland ',  th...