How Polymer Valley Can Solve the Bitcoin Crisis for America and The World in 2020

> Think: Panama-Canal Scale BTC Work Project

Polymer Valley can directly solve the Bitcoin (BTC) crisis through maximum strategic use of our combined infrastructure and location for our planned Science Park City, the largest crypto-economic plan in the United States. See Polymer Valley main site here for full story and additional proofing links.
Polymer Valley’s official state-designated 6-county map set interfaced with our plan can directly solve the crypto-crisis through maximum tokenization of the most strategic real estate in America to build Polymer Valley Science Park City, a planned authoritative research zone of massive infrastructure-development strength spanning 3,034 sq.mi. via six interlocking counties of Summit, Portage, Trumbull, Stark, Columbiana and Mahoning counties in NE Ohio, USA, the highest-value development zone between New York and Chicago.

 "Fact: Bitcoin will only go up if the demand for haven assets were to suddenly spike; that haven is Polymer Valley". D.B. Keller, Pres. & Chair., Polymer Valley Media Corporation

Challenge / Solution # 1 :

•    Bitcoin must demonstrate fully-scalable use-case for digital transfer of value through payments in order to become ‘digital gold’ - - therefore, Bitcoin needs this priority-level centralization plan in order to scale.

Challenge / Solution  # 2 :

•    The missing piece to the crypto-puzzle is the lack of a mainstream killer application.

> BTC's Potential 'Greatest Corridor of Growth' is Polymer Valley in NE Ohio

Our Largest Planned Crypto-Endeavor: The Genome Project -

Polymer Valley's massive plan for the Genome Project will commence to apply BTC/Blockchain on a new research-adjunct hospital assistance scale, featuring an unparalleled 20-yr. tracking plan per patient, northeast Ohio being one of the top-rated research-hospital networks in the nation.

Why a full 20-yr tracking plan? Because of Medicare's potential involvement to co-track the results, ensuring our crypto-plan a 20-year vista until 2040 a.d., coincidentally, the very year before all 21 million Bitcoins are slated to be mined by 2041.

Result: Our Science Park City™ blockchain will literally perform as the very DNA double-helix ladder
('ladder' so everyone can visually grasp the concept) Bitcoin needs to assist Genome Project, Stem Cell, and Cancer research, creating the most innovative health-specialization system in America.

How Polymer Valley could help protect against fraud and/or manipulation of the crypto-currency market -

Since our Polymer Valley Science Park City
plan would be directly tied to our real-estate asset value it would be physically incorruptible; the physical market potential itself would be a constant. Accordingly, we plan to develop our own economic theory based solely on the performance mathematics of Polymer Valley. Having our own built-in check and balances, if a given project, product or idea could not work mathematically, it would simply not be considered.

More About Polymer Valley -
Polymer Valley’s profitability-per-square acre would set an International Standard of Productivity tied to actual real estate values in our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) # 181 within Polymer Valley’s state-designated 6-county map set in northeast Ohio, U.S.A.

We will base our speculation on our real-world potential productivity, NOT imaginary or made-up productivity as many other crypto-causes proclaim; that is our market advantage.

Because it takes more and more electricity to mine every time, bitcoin 'blocks' re-adjust to a higher difficulty level, in turn raising bitcoin's value because it costs increasingly more to create it; likewise, Bitcoin needs the most highly-optimized infrastructure zone with the greatest public-investment potential in order for both to scale accordingly - - that zone is Polymer Valley.
Breakthrough: Polymer Valley would have an interactive blockchain model (a center for manufacturing our IoT products) representing our official quarterly Polymer Valley Blockchain Event; i.e., the revenue benefit to the surrounding counties by each one of the counties. 

Example: How the increased revenue of one county effects spending in another county, a measurement of potential spin-off economic benefit to surrounding communities; hence, we would build a speculation market that’s never been done before based on our economic model. 

Polymer Valley's planned creation of a private network of 'Smartcounty' Research Villages (company towns) will vigorously complement each of the 6 county (approx. 500 sq. mi. per county) demographics (total area: 3,034 sq. mi.) as per the following :

        Summit County:  Polymer Research Capital ( U of Akron )
        Portage County:  The Genome Project ( NEOMED )
        Trumbull County:  Communications  ( Warren Hub )
        Stark County:  Agrotechnology ( Precision Farming )
        Columbiana County:  Marine Biology ( Waterways )
        Mahoning County: Computer Science - ( Youngstown State )

Our extraordinary Blockchain Event would be an exclusive, fully-grounded real-world financial, mathematical formula incrementalizing our financial activity measured at light speed.

Did You Know?

The state of Ohio is already known for its progressive approach toward cryptocurrency and Blockchain; its new Senate Bill 220 places our state as the policy leader on Blockchain technology-use cases.

Invitation to Founders, Developers, M & A's and Partners -

Spearheading that belief independently forward as a private company, (non-state affiliated), Polymer Valley Media Corporation invites top Bitcoin and Blockchain leaders, developers and investors in a massive developmental-partnership offer to help fully-realize our complete Polymer Valley Science Park City plan for 2020 and beyond.

Contact :

David B. Keller, Pres.& Chairman
Polymer Valley Media Corporation

How Polymer Valley Can Solve the Bitcoin Crisis for America and The World in 2020

> Think: Panama-Canal Scale BTC Work Project Polymer Valley can directly solve the Bitcoin (BTC) crisis through maximum str...